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CAAP Guide: Groups & Permissions

  • General Permissions Options

    The areas of Clio that you can restrict are:

    Accounts permission allows users to access the "Accounts" tab and the "Transactions" sub-tabs of Matters and Contacts. The user is able to manage trust & operating account information and add debit & credit transactions.

    Reports permission allows the user to access the "Reports" tab.

    Billing permission allows users to access the main "Bills" tab and sub-tabs of Matters and Contacts. The user is able to create and edit invoices and receive bill payments. 

    Both administrators and non-administrators can restrict who can view a Matter.

    Users that are restricted from viewing a Matter will also be restricted from seeing time & expense Activities, tasks, calendar events, and documents related to that Matter.

  • Individual User and Group Permissions

    To add or remove permissions to the Account, Reports, and Billing areas of Clio, go to the Settings panel and click "Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles" in the System column.

    Next, click on the "Permissions" sub-tab.

    To grant access to an individual or group, check the appropriate box for each of the three areas of Clio.

  • Matter Permissions

    You can specify which users have access to a Matter and its details when creating a Matter or when editing an existing Matter.  

    In the Create/Edit Matter form, scroll to the "Matter Permissions" section. 

    By default, the Matter will be visible to all users, but you can restrict the Matter to just you or to a group of users.

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