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CAAP Guide: Task Lists

  • Task Lists

    Building off our knowledge of creating tasks in Clio, you can create and assign Task Lists, which are templates or pre-set lists of tasks that can be assigned to a particular Matter. This is a great way to manage commonly used tasks in an organized way.


    Creating and Managing Templates
    Assigning Lists

    The Tasks Lists feature allows you to create task templates and group them together into lists that can be assigned in bulk. 

    Creating and Managing Templates

    To create a new Task List, go to the main "Tasks" tab then click the "Lists" sub-tab.

    Click the "Add" button. 

    Give the list a name, description, and optionally a practice area. 

    Next, you will add task templates to the list. 

    On the List Detail screen, click the "Add" button.

    Complete the "Add Task Template" form (as outlined in the "Creating and Assigning Tasks" section of this guide) with the following exceptions.

    1. Assignee
      This is the Clio user that the task will be assigned to.

      "Use List Assignee" indicates that you will choose an Assignee for the Task List when it is assigned.

    2. Due in
      Leave unchecked to specify the due date when the Task List is assigned. Or, check the "Due in" box to specify a due date in relation to the Assignment Date or other tasks in the list.
      The first task template in a list can only have a "Due in" date in relation to the "Assignment Date". This date relationship can be changed by editing the template after other Tasks have been added to the list.

      For more information about due date relationships, see the "Understanding Task Dependencies" article.


    Assigning Lists

    Task Lists can be assigned from a Matter or from the main "Tasks" tab.

    From the Main "Tasks" Tab

    Navigate to the appropriate list and click the "Assign" link.

    In the "Assign List" window, complete the options as follows. 

    1. Assignee
      Assignee options are determined by the "Assignees" of each task template in the list.
      • If all tasks in the list are assigned to a Clio user, the "Assignee" field will default to "Use Template Assignees". Selecting a user name in this field will override all assignees.

      • If one or more of the tasks in the list is assigned to "Use List Assignee", you will be required to select a user in the "Assignee" filed. The selected user will only replace the assignee on templates where "Use List Assignee" is present.
    2. Replace all assignees in the list
      Check to override all task template assignees with the selected user.
    3. Notify assignees in the list via email
      Check to send an email notification to all assignees.
    4. Due Date
      This is the primary due date in a list. All tasks due at the "Assignement Date" will be due on the date selected here.  
    5. Matter
      Select the relevant Matter (optional).

    From a Matter

    Task Lists can be assigned from the Matter creation/edit form.

    When creating or editing a Matter, scroll to the "Assign Task Lists" section of the form then select the appropriate list. To view a summary of all tasks in the list, click the "Preview" link.


    Unlike when you assign a Task List from the "Tasks" tab, there is no option to change the assignee. You will become the assignee for any tasks in the Task List which did not have a specified assignee.

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