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CAAP Guide: Document Automation and Integrations

  • Video: Document Automation

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  • Document Automation

    This chapter details the basics of Clio's Document Automation feature. For more information about working with Document Automation, see our collection of "Document Automation" articles.

    Document Automation allows users to quickly create documents using information from your Contact cards and Matters.  You can rapidly populate information such as addresses, account balances, Matter names and more. 

    In short, Document Automation consists of the following steps:

    1. Create a template that includes Clio merge fields
    2. Upload the template to Clio
    3. Generate documents as needed for any Matter


    Document Automation Templates

    Document Automation supports templates created in the following file types: ".doc", ".docx",".ppt", ".pptx", ".xml", and ".xlsx".

    You will need to add Clio merge fields to your templates that will automatically pull information from your Contacts and Matters when a document is generated.

    You can view the complete list of available Merge Fields by going to the Clio Settings panel, then clicking "Documents" in the System column. 

    In your document, add Clio Merge Field tags wherever you want that information to appear. To copy a tag from Clio, click on the clipboard icon in the appropriate row then paste into your document.


    Clio merge fields include all of your Contact and Matter Custom Fields and contact information for all "Related Contacts" on a Matter.

    For more information and tips related to creating templates, see the following articles:


    Uploading Templates

    To upload your competed document template, go to the main "Documents" tab then click on the "Templates" sub-tab. To upload a new template, click the "Add" button.

    In the "Add Document Template" window, click "Choose File" then select the template from your computer.  


    Generating Documents

    Once the template has been uploaded, you can generate your document from the main "Documents" tab, or the "Documents" sub-tab of a Contact or Matter.  

    Click on the "New" button menu, then select "Document from Template".

    In the "Create a Document" window, select the template that you want to generate a document from. 

    If you are generating a document from the main "Documents" tab or from a Contact card, you will be required to enter a Matter.  

    Finally, you are required to choose the file type of the generated document. Generated documents can be PDFs and/or the file type native to the template (i.e. Word templates can generate Word documents, Excel templates can create Excel spreadsheets).

    The generated document will be added to your Matter document folder shortly.

  • Document Integrations

    This chapter details the basics of Clio's Document Integrations. For more information about working any of the Document Integrations, see our collection of "Document Integration" articles.

    Clio integrates with a number of document storage applications. 

    When you connect a document storage application to Clio, Clio will automatically create folders for each of your Contacts and Matters in the connected storage app. 

    You can view and add documents to the automatically generated Contact and Matter folders in Clio by going to any of the "Document" areas in Clio (main Documents tab, or sub-tab of Contacts and Matters), and clicking on the connected integration sub-tab.

    Clio can connect to the following document storage applications:

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