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KCS - What Data Can I Export From Clio?


What information can I migrate out of Clio?


  • Export data from Clio



*Please note that only account administrators will be able to access the Export page in Clio* 

Bank Transactions


Calendar: Will export your own calendar items

Contact Notes: List of all contact notes on Contacts created in Clio

Contact Related Matters: List of all Contacts you have Related to all Matters

Contacts: List of all Contacts created in Clio

Documents: You are unable to download your documents from the export page. You can either go to the documents tab and download them individually, or set up a data escrow to back them up in bulk to an Amazon S3 bucket

Expense Entry: List of expense entries for all users

Matter Notes: List of all matter notes on matters created in Clio

Matters: List of all Matters. 

Tasks: List of your own Task items

Time Entry: List of time entries for all users


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