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Billing Workflow

Billing in the new Clio experience provides a streamlined workflow that allows you to prepare bills and send them out to clients quickly and efficiently.  


New Bills Page Experience
New Aggregation Options in Bill Generation
Bill View
Bill Editing Options
Bulk Sending
Auto Trust Application

New Bills Page Experience

The new Bills page has been improved, both in design and functionality. Some key changes to be aware of:

  1. New "Record Payment" button - Allows for quick payments to any bill and bulk payments across multiple Bills for a single client. See "Recording Payments on Your Invoices" for more information. 
  2. "New Bills" is the same functionality as Billable Clients
  3. New "Columns" menu - Allows you to hide and display columns on the Bills table as needed
  4. New Filter options - "Originating Attorney" and "Matter Custom Field"
  5. Bill-specific actions (view, edit, record payment, download, and void) are available through the "Actions" dropdown menus
  6. To create a new Quick Bill, go to the "Matters" or "Contacts" sections of Clio

New Aggregation Options in Bill Generation

FAQ - The Improved Way to Generate Bills in Clio Download-icon.png


There are now multiple Bill aggregation options available when generating a Bill.

  • "All items aggregated" - combines all Time and Expense entries into a single line item
  • "Aggregated by type" - combines all Time entries into a single line item and all Expense entries into a separate single line item
  • "Only services aggregated" - combines all Time Entries into a single line item, but leaves Expenses as they are
  • "Only expenses aggregated" - combines all Expenses into a single line item, but leaves Time Entries as they are

Bill View

FAQ - The Improved Way to View Bills in Clio Download-icon.png


The new Bill View page clearly displays the invoice on the right side of the page, with the invoice details, options, and notes on the left. Changing the Bill Theme or adjusting any of the note options will instantly update the invoice.

Payments, Clio Payments, and Credit Notes are now displayed at the top of the page.

Bill Editing Options

FAQ - The New Way to Edit Bills in Clio Download-icon.png


The new Bill Edit page allows you to quickly filter and modify your Bills. Some new things to be aware of are:

  1. "Update records" - All additions, deletions, or edits you make to the Bill will be reflected back on the original Time or Expense entries. Enabled by default.
  2. Filter line items to show only Services (Time Entries) or Expenses
  3. "Add Time" & "Add Expense" - Quickly add new Time or Expense Entries to the Bill with the option to save them to the Matter as well
  4. "Columns" menu - Choose which columns to display on the Edit invoice screen

Bulk Sending

FAQ - The Improved Way to Send Bills in Clio Download-icon.png


Bills can now be sent in bulk from the Bills page. To share multiple Bills at once:

  1. Select the Bills you want to send to your clients by checking the boxes at the left
  2. Click the "Send" action at the top of the table
  3. Select if you want to share via Email or Clio Connect
  4. Click "Send bills"

Bills will be shared to the client's primary email address in Clio.

Auto Trust Application

For clients with money in trust, you can apply these funds automatically to Bills when approving them.

Select the Bill(s) and then select "Approve & apply trust" from the actions dropdown menu.


You will be prompted to select the destination account and then funds will be applied to the selected Bill(s).


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