How to Pay a Bill with Trust Funds


  • Apply a Payment to a Bill from Trust Funds
  • Reduce Trust balance
  • Record Payment from Trust
  • Pay Bill from Trust
  • Bill Payment from retainer
  • Transferring funds from retainer account
  • How to Make a Payment from Trust
  • Transfer Trust Funds to the Operating Account for Work Completed and Billed
  • Record a payment from an Escrow account


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

Please note that a Bill must be generated and approved prior to following the steps below.


Previous Clio Experience 

  1. Click on the Bills tab in the black bar or in the Matter
  2. Click on the invoice in Awaiting Payment
  3. Click on Record Payment
  4. From the Source dropdown, select the Trust account
  5. From the Source Balance Type, select Client or Matter depending on where the funds are located
  6. Click Receive Payment

New Clio Experience 

  1. Open the Bill 
  2. Select Record Payment 
  3. Change the Source to Trust (Matter) or Trust (Client)
  4. Enter the amount you would like to pay in the Payment field 
  5. Select Record Payment 


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