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How Do I Set Up and Disable Strong Passwords?


  • How to Disable Strong Password settings
  • How do I require my firm to use a stronger password in Clio?
  • I want to simplify my password 
  • I want to force passwords to be more complex


  • Clio Manage
  • Settings > Security > Password Security

Additional Information:

Once enabling this setting, all users with weak passwords that are currently logged in to Clio will see a banner notification appear requesting that they update their passwords. 

All users with weak passwords will also receive an email notification that the account Administrator has required that all users strengthen their passwords.

This setting will also be in effect for your Clio Connect Clients or Co-Counsels.

Please note: Due to the recent changes in account security, If users are migrated to the new security portal they will not be able to disable strong passwords as strong passwords are disabled by default. The new security portal does not have a strong password requirement.


  1. Select Settings 
  2. Select Security
  3. Select Password Security 
  4. Either check or uncheck the box Require strong passwords
  5. Select Update Password Security 


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