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KCS - How to Export data from Rocket Matter for Import into Clio


  • To download data from Rocket Matter which can be uploaded to Clio
  • To prepare for my migration from Rocket Matter to Clio


  • Clio Web App
  • Rocket Matter
  • Migrations

Additional Information:

Please note that success of any data migration depends primarily on the quality of the data set provided to us. Before attempting to migrate your information into Clio, you should ensure that your data is consistently formatted, well organized, sufficiently backed up, and stored securely. If you are not certain, it is recommended that you consult with your Clio representative before proceeding.

For details on what data can be imported to Clio from Rocket Matter, click here.



  1. Log in to Rocket Matter
  2. Select Settings in bottom left hand corner
  3. Scroll down to see a button to export your contacts to CSV
  4. Click Export
  5. Choose a location to save the file
  6. Click Save


  1. Log in to Rocket Matter
  2. Select Users in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click on a user whose calendar you want to export
  4. Right click the "webcal://" link and select Copy
  5. Right click the address bar and Paste the link
  6. Delete the "webcal://" part of the link
  7. Hit Enter
  8. You will be prompted to save the file on your computer
  9. Name the file after the user whose calendar it is
  10. Choose a location to save the file
  11. Click Save

Repeat steps 3-11 until you have exported all the calendars you want to import into Clio


  1. Log in to Rocket Matter
  2. From the welcome page, select View Open Matters
  3. Select the Matter type your want to export as Open, Closed, and Completed
  4. Click Get Answer
  5. The report summary will be displayed on the left side of the screen
  6. Click Export
  7. Choose a location for the file
  8. Click Save


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