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KCS - Bill Still Showing Outstanding Balance, But Client Paid Using Clio Payments.


  • A client paid their bill in full using Clio Payments, but they have a balance still, why?
  • My client's bill is fully paid off, but Clio still says they've an outstanding balance.
  • The bill shows an outstanding balance, but when I add up the payments they add up to the total bill balance. Why is there an outstanding balance? 


  • Clio Web App
  • Bills > Awaiting Payments 

Additional Information:

You will need to ensure the Bill editing functionality is enabled for approved Bills. Follow these steps on How to Turn on Bill Editing for Bills in Awaiting Payment.


There is a known issue where Clio does not recognize payments made through Clio Payments which are made on the same day, and leaves an outstanding balance.


  1. Go to the Bill.
  2. Click Actions > Edit.
  3. Choose Update Invoice.


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