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New Clio Experience: Updates to Mobile

As part of the new Clio experience improvements, we have also added timekeeping updates to both our Android and iOS apps. 


Android Updates
iOS Updates

Android Updates


Timer Widget for Android Home Screen

Clio’s new Timekeeper Widget allows you to start a Clio timer right from your Android Home screen - without having to login to Clio first.

Tap the "Start" button to quickly begin a timer anywhere. When you are done, tap "Save" to open Clio where you can link the time entry to the appropriate Matter.



For more information about recording time in Android, see the "Android App: Timekeeping" article.

iOS Updates

It's now easier to keep track of your mobile time entries.

To help you start a timer quickly from any screen in the app, we've added a "Start Timer" button to the Global Create menu. 


When you have a timer running, you can quickly navigate to the "Time Entries" screen by tapping on the timer status bar at the top of your screen. 


We're also helping you ensure that you never accidentally delete a time entry by adding a confirmation message whenever you tap the timer reset button. 

For more information about recording time in iOS, see the "iOS App: Timekeeping" article.

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