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KCS - How To Set Up Clio Payments


  • How to set up Clio's online payments service
  • Enable Clio Payments
  • Connect to LawPay


  • Clio Web App 
  • Settings > Online Payments

Additional Information:

If you sign up for LawPay it will take up to 48 hours for LawPay to process the application as they have to do credit check in order to set up the merchant account. Please note that this credit check is a hard check. Once the process has been completed LawPay will send you you log in information. This will then allow you to connect your accounts. Accounts cannot be connected when an application is still in the approval process. 

Setting up Clio Payments will not link Clio directly to your bank account. LawPay communicates with both Clio and your Bank Account. 


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Online Payments  
  3. Choose Your Payment Account Provider as Clio Payments
  4. If you have a LawPay account then Sign in, if not Sign Up
  5. Connect the Operating Account in Clio to Operating in the Bank
  6. Connect the Trust/IOLTA account in Clio to the Trust/IOLTA in the Bank
  7. Click Update Online Payment Account
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