Configuring a Bill Theme to Display Client Trust Information

If you want your revenue bills to display client trust information, a number of options are available in Bill Themes.

To access Bill Theme options, go to your Clio Settings panel and click on "Billing" in the Clio Settings column. In the Billing settings, click the "Bill Themes" sub-tab. For general information about working with Bill Themes, see our "Bill Themes" articles.

Summary Statement

To show a snapshot calculation of clients balances and total in trust, you can enable the "Summary Statement".

Detailed Statement

Enabling the "Detailed Statement" will display a table of outstanding invoices.

Client Account Details Table

Enabling the "Client Account" table will display all trust transactions related to the client or billed Matter. 

NOTE: Any changes you make to the Bill Theme will be applied to existing Bills using that theme.

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