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KCS - What steps Support needs to take before Escalating to Tech Esc?


  • Satisfy one or more of the points listed in the Answer section before escalating  


  • Zendesk

Additional Information:



  • Each of the following Support Resources has been checked for the issue, and search terms recorded in the Zendesk Email (or other note repository if the call is active)
    1. Confluence (Technical Support Space)
    2. JIRA (Bugs/Feature Requests in CLIO, IOS, and DROID Projects as appropriate)
    3. Support Site (support.clio.com)
    4. Zendesk (if it was an error message, searched for that text)
  • Consult with Technical Escalations
    • Every potential escalation 'vetted' by a member of the TE team. This is as a last check, to ensure that this is the best next step for the customer.
    • Ensure that the name of that TE agent is recorded (more details below)
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