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What does the Status of my Clio Payment mean?


  • What is the payment status of my Bill/Invoice?
  • Clio Payment Transaction Types
  • What is Pending Status?
  • What is Authorized Status?
  • What is Completed Status?
  • What is Voided Status?
  • What is Failed Status?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

View Payment Status by selecting the Clio Payments tab when viewing an Invoice and reviewing the Status column. 

Each Status state will allow you to perform different actions. Any possible actions will appear under the Actions column.


When viewing your Clio Payments, there are 5 possible Status states:

  1. Pending: Clio is sending the payment details to LawPay
  2. Authorized: LawPay accepted credit card details and has begun to processing payment
  3. Completed: LawPay successfully processed payment
  4. Voided: Payment has been voided before being Completed
  5. Failed: Payment details were rejected by LawPay or something went wrong with the transaction
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