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How Do I Get a New Barcode to Set up Two Factor Authentication on a New Phone?


  • Wiped phone and now I need to set up Two Factor Authentication again, but there is no barcode to scan.
  • I need a new barcode to set up two factor authentication on a new iPad.
  • 2FA on a new phone


  • Clio Manage
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

Additional Information:

This is for if you are already signed into Clio, and need to re-set it up on your phone/iPad.  If you are not able to sign into Clio due to a new phone and do not have your barcodes, please contact Support.

Disabling Two Factor Authentication will cause you to be kicked out of Clio and need to be signed in again. Make sure you have your back-up codes ready and are able to sign back in.


  1. Download the Google Authenticator app on your phone
  2. Log on into Clio on your computer 
  3. Navigate to your Settings
  4. Click on Security
  5. Click on the Two-Factor Setup tab
  6. Check the box beside Enable Google Two-factor authentication
  7. In Google Authenticator, touch Menu and select "Set up Account"
  8. Select "Scan a barcode"
  9. Use your phone's camera to scan the barcode on your Clio screen
  10. Enter the 6-digit verification code
  11. Update Two-Factor Settings

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