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How do I get a new barcode to set up two factor authentication on a new phone?


  • Wiped phone and now I need to set up Two Factor Authentication again, but there is no barcode to scan.
  • I need a new barcode to set up two factor authentication on a new iPad.
  • 2FA on a new phone


  • Clio Manage
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

Additional Information:

This is for if you are already signed into Clio, and need to re-set it up on your phone/iPad.

Disabling Two Factor Authentication will cause you to be kicked out of Clio and need to be signed in again. Make sure you have your back-up codes ready and are able to sign back in.


You need to disable Two Factor Authentication and re-enable it to have access to the bar code or Secret Key. To disable Two Factor Authentication, uncheck Enable Google Two-Factor Authentication or see here for more information. To re-enable, re-select Enable Google Two-Factor Authentication and follow the prompts that appear. 

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