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KCS - Can I Create a New User Account and Have my Client Clio Data Migrated Over to it?


  • Clio to Clio Migration
  • Partners within a Firm splitting and creating a separate Clio Account
  • Migrating data from one Clio account to another
  • Setting up a brand new Clio account and maintaining current data


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

For steps on exporting data from Clio and migrating information into a new Clio account please see this article here.

Please note that an account duplication would require authorization and cooperation from the current account owner. All duplications will require the new account to be at a Boutique level at the minimum. For more information on duplication please do reach out to our Support team here.


After creating a new Clio account it is possible to export data from the previous account and import this into the new Clio account that was created. Please see the link above for additional information. Alternatively, we do have the option of fully duplicating an existing Clio account. This would entail a full duplication of the current account data. More information on this above.

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