Can I Assign a Task to Multiple Assignees?


  • Assigning a Task to multiple users or Contacts 
  • Share Tasks
  • More than one User
  • Can you assign a task to more than one Firm User?
  • More than one Task Assignee


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:

With the Elite plan you can use Task Types to create groups of people that you can then assign to the Task. You are then able to filter Tasks by Task Type. Though the Task will still be only assigned to one person, you can find it tagged for the group and reassign it to the individual who will be doing the task. You can also set up reminders on the single task for multiple firm members. 

For more information on creating Task Types please see here.

For more information for filtering Tasks please see here.

For more information on adding Task Reminders please see here.

For how to set a Reminder for someone else, please see here

For more information on using Task Types to create Groups, click here


Not currently. Right now you can only have one assignee per Task.

However, as a workaround, you can assign Reminders for that Task to other Firm members. 

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