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KCS - When Exporting Matters I do not get the Data for "All Columns" in New Clio


  • All columns are not being exported into a .CSV file when exporting Matters


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

The Development Team is working on bringing over all Custom Fields and most columns that were present in previous Clio


The Development Team wanted to secure site stability for New Clio before bringing over complex tasks.


  • Option 1: To export all Matters, create a CSV Export from the Exports page
    https://app.clio.com/export (NA)/ https://eu.app.clio.com/export (EU)

  • Option 2: To export a specific Client's Matters, access the Client page and use the Export button in the Matters sub-tab

  • Option 3: Run a Matter or Contact Export in previous Clio (click on the New Clio toggle at the top-right to temporarily switch back)
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