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Bill Editing Options

Being able to edit bills is an important function for many firms who like to review bills before sending them to clients.

As soon as the bill is generated, it will move to the "Draft" state area where you can edit the bill.


Navigating to Editing View
Changing Bill Details
Modifying Line Items (Time and Expense Entries)
Editing Approved Bills/Bill States

Navigating to Editing View

There are two areas where you can edit a bill:

  1. From the Bills tab, locate the bill to edit and then click Edit from the dropdown menu.

  2. When viewing a single bill, the edit link can be found in the More actions dropdown menu at the top-right of the screen.

Changing Bill Details

When you first view the edit page of a bill, you are presented with the option of editing bill details such as the bill number, issue and due dates, among other items.

Modifying Line Items (Time and Expense Entries)

Note: you can only edit line items of a bill while it is in either Draft or Pending Approval. Bills in Unpaid or Paid only allow minor changes unless you enable editing of approved Bills.

Updating Line Items

To update a line item (for example, to change the rate or description), click on the element you want to edit. You can then input a new value.

By default, updates done on the Bill will also be reflected back on the Matter. If you don't want edits done on the Bill to also change the activity as it is displayed on the Clio Matter, de-select "Update records" in the top-left of the screen.

Removing Line Items

Removing a line item will delete it from the bill. It will not be deleted from Clio. It will show up on the Billable Clients section of the Bills page, so it can be billed at a later date. If you want it to be deleted completely, you can delete it from the Activities page.

To remove a line item, click the Remove button on the left side of the screen.


Adding New Line Items

You can add an extra line item to the bill as well and have if reflect back inside the matter. This is a great option if you had forgotten to bill an entry and would like to include it on the current bill.

Click Add time or Add expense on the bill edit screen.


A popup is displayed to enter information for the new activity. Fill in the information and click Save. By default, a new activity will be created on the Matter associated with the Bill. If you want the new activity to appear only on the Bill, and not in Clio's activity records, de-select "Create new time entry record".

Editing Approved Bills/Bill States


  1. Allow editing of approved bills: check this option to enable the ability to edit line items on an Approved bill in the same manner that is allowed on Draft bills. [Not recommended.]
  2. Display notification modal after bill generation: check this option to enable the ability to send notifications to other users of the Clio account when a Draft bill has been generated. This option is useful for larger firms with an internal bill approval process.
    For more information about working with bill notifications, see the "Draft Notifications" article. 


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