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What Are The Different Client Numbers?


  • Purpose of the client reference number
  • Where can Client Numbers be Found
  • What is a Client Reference Number?
  • What is a Client ID Number?
  • What is a Client Number?


  • Clio Web App 

Additional Information:

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  • Client ID number- This can be found in the URL of the Contact. This is the number that QuickBooks Online uses
  • Client Reference Number- It is an arbitrary number which is firm generated that can be assigned to your client when generating a Matter. The Client reference number is applicable to LEDES Billing. For more information on LEDES Billing and the Client Reference Number, click here
  • Client Number- This is the number that is used in your Matter Number Scheme. If your contact was the 45th one created, that is the number that is displayed.  The Client Number is a fixed number, so deleting and adding contacts would not change the order of the 45th Contact.  
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