How To Install the ScanSnap Integration (Mac)


  • To install the Fujitsu ScanSnap integration to a Mac computer


  • Mac Desktop
  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

  • For information on which Scanners integrate with Clio click here.
  • For more information on how to scan, please see the Fujitsu website for manuals on the different models they offer by clicking here.


  1. Install your printer's ScanSnap software onto your computer
  2. Download the Clio Uploader For Mac, open it and install the .dmg file
  3. You will receive an External Protocol Request in which you must select Launch Application
  4. Click Install
  5. After Install, if you select Open you will receive an error "No file supplied or dropped on application"
  6. Click to open Scansnap Manager, and then click Settings from the dropdown menu
  7. If the Quick Menu is selected, de-select it
  8. Under the Profile dropdown click Add Profile
  9. Name your profile (i.e. Scan to Clio), and click OK
  10. Select the Application tab, and then click Add or Remove, and then Browse to find the Clio Uploader
  11. From the Applications folder, highlight Clio Uploader and click Choose
  12. Name the application (i.e. Clio Uploader)
  13. Click OK to return to the "Add/Remove" window, and then click Close
  14. In the ScanSnap Manager, under the Application tab, select Clio Uploader from the dropdown
  15. Click Apply
  16. Left click the ScanSnap Manager icon and Scan to Clio
  17. Put the paper you wish to scan in the scanner according to the instructions, and press the button to start the scan
  18. When the scan is complete a popup will appear that you must login with your Clio credentials and select the correct region
  19. Add a Description, Reference (which is the Matter Number) and select the appropriate Category
  20. Click the Upload button
  21. Click Close on the confirmation popup


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