KCS - What Clio Triggers and Actions are Supported in Zapier?


  • Clio Triggers available in Zapier
  • Clio Actions available in Zapier
  • Clio Searches available in Zapier


  • Clio Web App
  • Zapier

Additional Information:

Please go here for more details: https://zapier.com/help/clio/


Supported Triggers

  • New Activity - Triggers when a new activity is created.
  • New Calendar Entry - Triggers when a new calendar entry is created.
  • New Task - Triggers when a new task has been created.
  • New Communication - Triggers when a new communication is created.
  • New Bill - Triggers when a new bill is created.
  • New Matter - Triggers when a new matter is created.
  • New Contact - Triggers when a new contact is created.

Supported Actions

  • Create Person - Creates a new person.
  • Create Contact Note - Creates a new contact note
  • Create Company - Creates a new company.
  • Create Matter Note - Creates a new matter note
  • Create Communication - Creates a new communication.
  • Create Task - Creates a new task.
  • Create Time Entry - Creates a new time entry.
  • Create Matter - Creates a new matter.
  • Create Expense Entry - Create a new expense entry.
  • Create Calendar Entry - Creates a new calendar entry on the user's calendar.

Supported Searches

  • Find Matter by Display Number - Find a matter by a display number.
  • Find Contact - Find a contact (includes both Company and Person types).
  • Find Company - Find a company (a type of contact).
  • Find Matter by Client ID - Find a matter by a client's ID.
  • Find Person - Find people (a type of contact).


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