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Can I File an Email as I am Composing it With the Outlook Add-in?


  • Filing emails with the Outlook Add-in 


  • Clio Outlook Add-in

Additional Information:

How Do I File and Add a Time Entry to an Outgoing Email from Outlook?


  1. Start composing a new email in Outlook
  2. Select Clio Outlook Add-In from the menu below the emailScreen_Shot_2020-06-23_at_12.21.54_PM.png
  3.  Pin the Clio Add-in in Outlook (this will make it visible when composing new emails)
  4. Select a matter (a matter may be suggested based on the email address in the To or cc field)
  5. Optional: File attachments (on by default)
  6. Optional: Add a time entry. Select an Activity Category and input a duration and description. The rate will be pre-filled based on the established rate hierarchy. This Activity will be added to the matter defined in step 4 and will not be associated with the communication log.
  7. Compose the email and click Send
  8. Clio Manage will file the newly sent email as an email log in that matter's communications. Attachments are saved into Clio Manage Documents under that matter in a folder named 'Email Attachments'. A time entry will be created in the associated matter.

Note: If you are composing and sending an email from a different email than you use to log into Clio, you may need to add an Email Alias to your Clio account for the email to be logged properly.

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