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How to Export Data from Practice Master/TABS3


  • Export data from Practice Master/TABS3
  • Migrate from Practice Master/TABS3
  • Get information out of Practice Master/TABS3


  • Practice Master/TABS3 Desktop App
  • Practice Master/TABS3

Additional Information:

  • Important: TABS3 does not have export function. The data can only be exported through the Practice Master interface. 
  • All users must be logged out of Practice Master before beginning the export
  • Tabs3 and PracticeMaster may need to be synchronized if data is not all exported


  1. Select the Maintenance tab
  2. Click File Maintenance
  3. Select the desired Export Files:
    Data Type Location of File in File Maintenance File Name


    Client CMCLIENT
    Contacts Lookup Files > Contact CMRELATE
    Notes &
    Common Client Related Files > Journal CMJRNL

    Tasks &

    Calendar CMCAL
    Expenses Common Client Related Files > Cost CMCOST
    Fees Common Client Related Files > Fee CMFEES
  4. Click OK
  5. Select Utility
  6. Click Export Data
  7. Rename the file and add .csv to convert it into a spreadsheet format
  8. Click "Ok"
  • Timekeeper List (with ID numbers)
    • In TABS3, to export the Timekeepers List: Reports | Miscellaneous | Timekeepers List and export file to XLSX format
  • Category List (with ID numbers)
    • For Practice Areas
    • In TABS3, to export the Categories List: Reports | Miscellaneous | Category List and export file to XLSX format
  • Task Code List
    • Tcode column in CMFEE and CMCOST will migrate to Activity categories for the Time and Expense in Clio
    • In TABS3, in the Search bar - look up "Transaction Code List" and export file to XLSX format

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