KCS - What Email Address Will Clio Connect or Sharing Emails Be Sent From?


  • Email Address for Bill Sharing Emails
  • What address is in the "From" field for sharing emails? 


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

If a client replies to a sharing email they will get an automated response such as this:

This is in response to your reply to the email titled: Re: (Subject line here)

It seems your message may have unintentionally been sent to the Clio Support Team. As such, the party this message was intended for may have not received it. Please be sure to follow-up with the intended recipient separately. The simplest way we suggest to do so is to resend the email ensuring the address in the "to" field shows the intended recipient.

If you have any technical or product related questions related to Clio, contact us at 1 888 858 2546 or email Support@Clio.com



Sharing emails from Clio come from notifications@goclio.com, but will show the name of the User who shared the item

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