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Why Is the Account Balance on the Web/PDF Trust Listing Report Different from the Totalled Amount on the CSV Report?


  • Isolate a discrepancy in the total between different report formats
  • Difference in balances between Web and CSV


  • Clio Web App
  • Excel

Additional Information:

Note: In September 2018, the Trust Listing Report was updated to show trust funds which weren't assigned to a specific client. They are displayed on the report, grouped under "unlinked".

To locate Transactions without a Client linked, go to the Accounts page, select the relevant account, and sort by the Client column (only possible in previous Clio at this time).


The Account Balance on a Web or PDF format of the Report is a total of all Transactions in the account, including Transactions that are not linked with a Client. As the CSV version only includes the balance linked with each client, when totalled this can differ if you do have Transactions without an associated Client. 

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