KCS - No Bank Account Displayed within LawPay Bank Account Drop-Down


  • LawPay Account Drop-down does not display any accounts when trying to connect LawPay and Clio Payments
  • Bank Account picklist does not populate


  • Clio Web App
  • LawPay

Additional Information:

  • LawPay can be reached at 1-800-459-5798.
  • If the LawPay agent says that this account has already been "Provisioned" and the user already had a Clio Payments account previously, please contact Clio Support.


The application or connection has not yet been fully provisioned on LawPay's side.


  1. Contact LawPay
  2. Let them know that a connection with Clio Payments has been made
  3. Ask them to fully provision the account as it does not appear that it has been fully provisioned for Clio Payments
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