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Why is My Trust Ledger Report Showing a Negative Balance For Clients That Have Trust Funds?


  • Understand figures on the Trust Ledger Report
  • Obtain accurate totals for client trust balances
  • Why is the Trust Ledger Report showing a negative Trust balance when the Matter/Client is not?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • For additional possible causes, please click here


  1. This Ledger was generated for a date range, meaning Fund activities recorded outside of that date range do not show up. Therefore, without including the Opening Balance, if there was only a withdrawal of funds from Trust, it will appear that the Client has a negative balance.
  2. This can also occur in other situations, which may require further investigation.


  1. Generated for a Date Range without checking the box to Include Opening Balance, and the deposit was made prior to the selected start date
  2. A negative balance exists somewhere in relation to the Client, either at the Client or Matter level


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