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How to Track Time to a Placeholder Matter


  • Record time to a temporary matter while waiting for a data migration


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

For detailed steps to create a company contact, see here.

For detailed steps to add time entries, see here.


After the Export Call While Awaiting Data Processing:

  1. Create a Company Contact with your firm name
  2. Create a Matter for this contact with the Description as "Placeholder - Migrations"
  3. Add a Time Entry
  4. In the Description, indicate which matter the time entry belongs to
  5. Repeat step 3 for all time entries incurred during the data migration process

Video: How to Create a Placeholder Matter and Track Time Within it



After the Migration is Complete:

Once the data is migrated and you have confirmed the data is free from errors, bulk move the Time Entries from the placeholder matter to the respective matters. To do so,  see our article on "How to Bulk Move Time Entries". 

  • Only account administrators can process bulk moves
  • Please note that you can only edit Time Entries if they are not already on a Bill




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