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iOS App: Uploading a Voice Memo to Clio

If you have the Clio iOS app installed, you can upload a voice memo from your iPhone to Clio. Whether the audio recording is a quick "note-to-self", a long client interview, or anything in between, the process for uploading it to Clio is quick and easy.


Uploading a Voice Memo to Clio


In order to upload a voice memo to Clio, you need:

  • An iPhone or other iOS device
  • The default "Voice Memo" iOS app
  • The Clio iOS app

How to Upload a Voice Memo to Clio

First, open the "Voice Memo" iOS app. Then, locate the memo that you want to upload to Clio.


Tap on the memo, then tap on the share icon.


Select "Import with Clio" from the list of programs.


Tapping "Import with Clio" will open up the "New Document" page of the Clio iOS app. The voice memo will already be selected in the "File Name" field.

Fill in the "Description" field to give the voice memo a name.

To assign the voice memo to a specific Matter, select the Matter in the "Matter Reference" field.


Tap "Create Document" to upload the voice memo to Clio.



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