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Why Does the Balance at the Bottom of the Trust Ledger Report Balance not Add Up to all of the Balances Under Each Client or Matter?


  • Trust Ledger Report discrepancy


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The Trust Ledger Report is just showing Client and/or matter transactions and balances. There is no information on transactions that might not belong to a Matter or Client (this includes transactions that have a Matter, but no Client. There must be a Client associated with the transaction for the Report to pull it up. As a result, adding up the balances on this report will not match the balance reported at the bottom of the report if there are any of these transactions. The balance on this report is simply reporting the balance of the account.

The Bank Account Activity report is the better report for this as it will show all the transactions chronologically and the balance at the bottom should match the balance of the account. This is a better report for matching up with a bank account statement to see where there could be a discrepancy also.


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