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Do Academic Accounts or Incubators Receive a Clio Product Demo?


  • Academic account calls in asking for a class demo
  • Instructor wants demo for course
  • Incubator class wants a demo
  • School wants a software demo
  • Looking for a speaker at an educational event


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Grow 

Additional Information:


While personalized onboarding is not available for Academic Accounts, a product demo can be organized for active participants in Clio's Academic Access Program, or Incubator program. We do not offer product demos for members not using our product.

Demos will not be provided to groups under 10 people. 

Demos are not meant to teach students or new users how to use Clio. It is meant as an introduction to Clio, with the onus on the instructor to teach students, or directing students to our plethora of self-serve resources. 

To request a demo, please email caap@clio.com. 




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