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Bill Timeline in Clio Manage

Who will have access to Bill Timeline?
Bill Timeline will be available to all Clio Manage customers. Everyone at your firm who has billing permissions will have access to this feature.

What is Clio Manage’s Bill Timeline feature?

You can now rely on Clio as the single platform to house your client’s historical bill versions and reference the bill changes and communications you’ve sent within Clio at glance. This enables your practice to respond to your client’s billing-related questions promptly and with confidence. You will also be able to download the exact bill that was either sent to your client(s) or downloaded and printed. Timeline events also connect to any communication logs made if the bill was sent through Clio.


How will Clio’s Bill Timeline feature benefit my practice?

Real-time tracking of the actions taken against a bill enables your firm to promptly respond to client billing-related questions and with confidence.

  • Identify the current state of the bill at a glance, and see what changes have occurred to the bill including internal edits to the bill, client payments applied, interest accrued, or discounts applied.
  • Capture and record all bill communications you’ve sent to your clients within Clio, from the very first time the approved bill is shared. This includes all automated bill reminders, sharing through Clio Connect, and when a bill is downloaded.

Rely on Clio as the single platform to house your client’s bill versions and quickly reference related communications with a single click.

  • Track and house approved bill versions throughout the matter and download existing and previous bill versions in PDF.
  • Bill communications sent within Clio are automatically logged and linked within the Bill Timeline, saving you time and helping your firm improve its billing efficiency by eliminating the need to cross-reference communications in multiple platforms.

Improve your firm's internal communications and provide all of your appropriate personnel with an accurate history of client bills while working remotely.

  • Equips all of your billing personnel with a real-time history of approved bills, which can be utilized to respond promptly to client requests for additional clarification on billing.
  • The bill timeline cannot be edited or changed and thus provides your firm with accurate information about your client’s approved bills.


How do I use the new Bill Timeline feature?

There is no setup required for you to take advantage of the powerful features of Clio’s Bill Timeline feature! Continue with your normal billing workflow and actions against approved bills will automatically be recorded. You can view the timeline by navigating to the individual bill.


Can I export event activities for a specific bill from the bill timeline?

Yes - we've made it easy for you to quickly export all events captured in the bill timeline by incorporating the 'export' button on the bottom of the modal. Clicking the 'export' button will provide you with a CSV file, capturing the events in text format organized by date and time pertaining to the timeline event.


Sample of exported CSV file:


The Bill Timeline is empty for some invoices. Will this feature show actions performed on my older bills?

Bill Timeline will start recording after the feature is available in your account and once the respective bill is approved. Any actions before this will not be recorded. This will be indicated by the following message, ‘Beginning of timeline’.



What actions will be captured in the Bill Timeline?

The Bill Timeline feature will display the following:

  • State changes for a bill.
  • Any action that changes the bill’s balance includes items such as payments, edits, interest generation, or early payment discount expiry.
  • All payments, including payments from bank accounts, credit card payments, and ACH payments.
  • Any action that may have resulted in communication with a client such as sending a bill, stopping a share through Clio Connect, or a bill download.


What actions will NOT be captured in the Bill Timeline?

The Bill Timeline feature will NOT capture:

  • Actions (such as sending the bill, payments made to the bill, or editing the bill) to the bill after bill generation and before bill approval.
  • Details about edits made to a bill. (Exception: If the bill number changes, there will be a specific timeline event indicating the new bill number)

Can I hide the Bill Timeline feature?

If you do not want to see the Bill Timeline and find that it is taking up space above the preview of the bill itself, you can click anywhere on the top bar of the Bill Timeline. This will collapse the Bill Timeline and keep it closed until you open it, or clear your browser cache. Please note this is browser and account-specific, so it will not impact any other users on the account. The Bill Timeline will remain collapsed until you manually re-open it again.


This is what the bill timeline will look like when collapsed: 


Where should I direct my feedback?

All feedback, both positive and negative, is encouraged and welcomed. There is a direct link ‘Have feedback?’ on the bottom right-hand corner of the Bill Timeline. Feel free to use this as frequently as you would like to provide any feedback you may have on the Bill Timeline. This feedback goes straight to the product team and is regularly reviewed.

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