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Disabling and Re-Enabling Users


Disabling Users
Remove Unused Licenses
Filtering Users
Re-Enabling Users

Disabling Users

When you disable a user they are no longer able to access your Clio account and you will no longer be charged for them if you are on a Monthly Subscription. Yearly Clio Subscribers will find that when they disable a user then that license is available for an alternate user.

To do so, go to "Settings", then choose "Manage Users". 

Next, click on the "Disable" link under the person's name:

You will see a pop up asking you if you are sure. Agree, and it will disable the user.

If the User does not have a "Disable" option next to their name, they may be the Originating Subscriber

If this is not the correct individual to have this level of administration, steps on changing this level of administration can be found here.

Remove Unused Licenses

If you are on an Annual Subscription and do not wish to carry the unused license for another user into the next year, ensure you also check off the option to remove unused licenses at the date of renewal. To locate this page, click on the gear icon at the upper right of Clio to get to Settings. Next, click on Account and Payment Info on the left hand side.

At the upper left of this page, select Payment Info.

Scroll down the page and you will see Renewal Options. Ensure you select "Remove unused licenses at renewal."

Filtering Users

Once you disable a user, they will be hidden from the default view. To see them again, click on the "Filter" link as illustrated below and there you will find the option to "Show only Enabled", or "Show Enabled and Disabled":

Why can't I just delete the user?

There is no user-facing way to delete users in your account. This is because all the information that that user has entered is linked throughout your Clio program. By disabling a user they can no longer access the account and you won't be charged for them but the information that they have entered is retained.

Re-Enabling Users

Once you have disabled a user, in the "Manage Users" page you need to click on the "Filter" link to give you the option to see the inactive users and in the drop down menu you will select "Show Enabled and Disabled" in order to view your inactive users:

To enable the user once more, click on "Enable" under that person's name:

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