Adding a Desktop Shortcut to Access Clio


On your Windows PC you can create a shortcut to Clio.  Right click anywhere on your desktop, then click on "New" and "Shortcut" (please note this may vary a little between operating versions).


Copy and paste the login address for Clio in the field and choose "Next".

For North American accounts, please use: -- for European accounts, please use: shortcut_url.png

You will then be prompted to name your shortcut.


You will then be provided with a shortcut icon that you can click on to be quickly taken to Clio


You can add an icon to your Mac dock so that when you click on it, it opens up Clio.

1.  Open Safari browser and go to for North American accounts, and for European accounts

2.  Beside the Clio website address you will see the lock icon to indicate that the address is secure. Drag this icon to the desktop: 

3.  Click on the Clio icon with your mouse and drag it down to the far right of your dock and release it.  Once you do, you will see your shortcut to Clio: 


If you would like to change the icon's display prior to placing it in the dock, please follow the instructions here.  Please note, for step #3 above you will be dragging the icon to your desktop to make the change, prior to placing it in the dock.  

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