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Creating Tasks

For information on creating Task Lists, see the "Task Lists: Creating and Managing Templates" article.

Creating Tasks

To create a new Task, first go to the Tasks tab. Next, click the green "Add" button:

This displays the Add Task modal:

  1. Task Name: What the Task is called or what is required.
  2. Description: More details about the Task.
  3. Assignee: Who should complete the Task. For details, see the "Assigning Tasks" article.
    Clicking on "Firm User" and selecting "Contacts" will allow you to assign the Task to a Contact through Clio Connect.
  4. Permissions (Lock Icon): Tasks can be "Public" which are shared firm wide, or "Private" which are only viewable by the assignee, assignor, and account administrators.
  5. Priority: Indicate whether the Task is of High, Medium, or Low Priority.
  6. Matter: Start typing the matter number or client name and then choose the appropriate Matter from the dropdown menu.
  7. Notifications: When assigning a task to another user, you can set whether you'd like to notify the assignee when you save the new task, and/or be notified upon completion of the task. This option is only available when creating a Task. Once a Task is created, you cannot adjust this option. For details, see the "Adding Task Reminders or Notifications" article.
  8. Add a Reminder: Add an Email or Popup Task Reminder if desired. For details, see the "Adding Task Reminders or Notifications" article.
  9. Due at/Due in: Select a date due by clicking in this field.
    If you specify a Matter that has Tasks already assigned, the "Due in" option will become available. Clicking the "Due in" option will allow you to set a due date in relation to other Tasks. 
    For more information, see the "Understanding Task Dependencies" article.
  10. Save Buttons: When you have updated all fields, click the "Save Task" button to save and close the window or click "Save & Add Another" to create a new Task for the currently specified Matter.
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