Exporting your Information from Clio


Global Exports Page
Additional Exports

Global Exports Page

Account administrators can export most information from Clio by going to:

On this page you have the ability to download .csv (Excel compatible spreadsheets) of your information. Just click on the link to the right of each heading to generate the spreadsheet.

Additional Exports

In addition to these exports, you can also export data from a number of different areas around Clio, wherever there is an "Export" button. Many of these one-off exports can be filtered before being exported to help you report on the exact information that you want. 

Communications Logs: can be exported from the main Communications tab and from the Communications sub-tabs in Matters and Contacts.

Firm Feed: can be exported from the Firm Feed sub-tab of the main Practice tab and from the Firm Feed on Matters.


To batch export your documents from Clio, go to the main Documents tab or the Documents sub-tabs of your Matters and Contacts. Click HERE for detailed instructions. 


In the event of an account cancellation, you may want to run any Clio reports that are relevant to your practice by going to the Reports tab. More information about Clio reports can be found HERE


How can I organize this information?

For basic information on filtering and sorting your exports in Microsoft Excel, click HERE.

For advanced techniques on filtering your reports in Excel, click HERE.  

How can I backup my data to my computer automatically?

If you would like an automatic backup of your information in Clio set up on a weekly basis, then view our Data Escrow feature HERE.

Can anyone in my firm perform Exports?

Yes, all firm members can perform Exports. However, certain permissions will limit the data that some users can see.  For more information on the permissions surrounding Exports, click HERE


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