Returning Unearned Trust Funds to Clients

Once funds are added to a client's trust account ledger, they can be used to make payments on that client's invoices. But, sometimes, these funds will need to be disbursed back to the client. This article will show how to disburse funds from the trust account.

First, navigate to the "Transactions" subtab of the Contact or the Matter—whichever you have assigned the trust funds to. (Trust funds may be assigned to either a Client or a Matter. For details, see the "Trust Account Management in Clio" support article.)

In this Matter's trust account ledger, we see that there is $1,000.

To disburse trust funds from this account, click "Disburse Funds". This will display the "Disburse Funds" modal.

Fill in the relevant fields and click "Disburse Funds". A negative entry is entered in the trust account ledger showing that the funds have been disbursed.

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