Creating & Managing Time Entries

Review the resources for setting your User Default Rate, Client rates, Matter rates and Activity Descriptions before creating Time Entries. More can be read in the Getting Started Setting up your Rates Support Article.

Creating Time Entries
Editing Time Entries
Editing Multiple Time Entries
Deleting Time Entries
Using the Timekeeper
Unassigned Time

Creating Time Entries
Click on Activities at the top of Clio.

This will bring you to the Time Entries sub-tab. Here you will see all Time Entries that have been created during the day. Click Add on the right hand side of the page, and you will see the Add Time Entry Form window.

  1. Date: By default the Date field will display the current date. Click inside and either type or select from the Calendar drop-down which date you would like to create the entry for.
  2. Matter: Include a Matter to ensure the Time Entry can be billed for your client. Any matter can be selected in this field.
  3. User: Track time for yourself or on behalf of another user in your account. Click inside to change the user associated with the Time Entry.
  4. Activity Description: Select from a list of pre-determined rates to apply to your entry. Activity Descriptions can utilize a custom billing rate, and include text to further describe your entry. More can be read in the Creating and Managing Activity Descriptions Support Article.
  5. Task: If you have opted to use UTBMS billing then a Task code can be applied to your entry. More can be read in the UTBMS Codes Support Article.
  6. Duration: Input a minute or hour amount in either a decimal format or a time format to track how long you have spent on your task.
  7. Rate: Input how much should be charged per hour for your Time Entry.
  8. Start Timer?: Click to start a timer to run in the background for this entry as you continue to work in your Clio Account.
  9. Note: Further describe the entry you are creating by adding details into the Note open text field.
  10. Save: Click Save to finalize your Time entry and close the Add Time Entry Form window.
  11. Save & Add Another: Click Save & Add Another to finalize your entry and open a new Add Time Entry Form window.

Time Entries can also be created from the Time sub-tab of Matter.

They can also be created for task specific work, such as on a Document or Communication.

Editing Time Entries
Click Edit under an unbilled Time Entry.

The same options will display when you Edit an entry as when you create a new entry.

Editing Multiple Time Entries

To edit multiple Time Entries at once, select the entries you want to edit and then select "Edit" from the actions dropdown menu. 

In the "Edit Multiple Time Entries" window, you can edit the Date, Matter, User, and Rate for the selected Time Entries.

After you enter your changes, you will need to confirm that you understand the consequences of the bulk edit. Mainly, whatever values you enter into the fields on this page will affect all of the selected Time Entries.

Warning: This Action Cannot be Undone

The original Time Entry details (Date, Matter, User, and Rate) will not be saved anywhere in Clio after the Time Entries are edited.

Click the "Save Time Entries" button to complete the edit for those Time Entries.

Restrictions on Editing Multiple Time Entries:

  • Only Administrators can use this function
  • Only unbilled Time Entries can be edited
  • The Rate field is blocked if both flat rate and hourly Time Entries are selected
    • You are only able to edit either hourly OR flat rate entries at one time; not both.
  • The Matter field is blocked if Time Entries from different Matters are selected

Deleting Time Entries
Click Delete under an individual Time Entry.

You will receive a Warning message. Click "OK" to confirm the deletion.

If the Time Entry has been billed, you will not see the option to Delete or Edit. Editing can still take place on the Bill. Review the Bill in Draft to Edit the Time Entry.

To bulk delete Time Entries, click the Select All box at the upper left.

Then, click inside the Action box, and select Delete.

Click Apply, and click "OK" to confirm.

Only Administrative users will be able to perform bulk deletions. Users without the appropriate permission level will receive a warning message if they attempt to bulk delete Time Entries.

Using the Timekeeper

For steps on using the Timer in Clio, see Clio's Using Timers in Clio Support Article.

Unassigned Time

To search for Time Entries that have not been connected with a Matter, First visit the Activities page.

  1. Click on Filter on the right hand side.
  2. Then, choose "All Users" under "User", and un-check Filter Dates.
  3. Click on the Matter column header, and edit any Time Entries without a Matter assigned.
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