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Sending Emails to Your Clio Account's Global Maildrop Address

Important Note

If you wish to forward email communications to Clio using an email address other than an address you log into Clio with, you will need to add that email address an alias within Clio. See the "Sending Emails to Clio with a Different Email Address" article for instructions. 


  • Clio Manage
  • Email Client

Additional Information:

  • For information on how to send email communication logs for a specific Matter to Clio, click here
  • Note that you are NOT able to upload file attachments to Clio's Global Maildrop Address.
  • Emails with attachments will go through, but attachments will not be saved within Clio.


To send email communications to Clio unattached to a specific Matter:

  1. Go to the Communications tab in Clio
  2. Click the down-arrow next to the blue New log button at the far right of the page
  3. Click Copy Maildrop address


  4. Paste that maildrop address into the recipient or CC field in your email and send it

The email will then be available on the main communications page in Clio.

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