Sending Emails to Your Clio Account's Global Maildrop Address

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Important Note

If you wish to forward email communications to Clio using an email address other than the address you log into Clio with, you will need to add that email address an alias within Clio. See the "Sending Emails to Clio with a Different Email Address" article for instructions. 

Sending Emails to Your Clio Account's Global Maildrop Address  

Via the main Communications tab

The main "Communications" tab provides a complete list of all communications (phone calls, emails and secure messages) across your Clio account. The steps above detail how each Matter has it's own specific email address, but you are also able to send email communications to one, global email address that directs to the main "Communications" tab.

To get the global maildrop email for your account, you will need to navigate to any of your Contacts. 

On any Contact card, open the "Communications" sub-tab and click the "Email Communications to Your Account" button. 

In the "Email Maildrop" window, click the clipboard icon to copy the global maildrop address.

Go to the email message that you want to save in Clio and paste the Maildrop email into the To:  Bcc: or Cc: field then send the email. 

Back in Clio, you will now be able to view a record of the forwarded email message from the main "Commincations" tab by clicking the "Logs" sub-tab.

When an email is sent to the Global Communications inbox a Matter is not associated. To associate a Matter with this email, click on the "Edit" quick link.

Choose the appropriate Matter and click Save.

You will now see that the appropriate Matter is linked.

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