Classic Online Payments: Setup

This article details how to setup Clio's classic online payments option. For instructions on how to set up the "Clio Payments" feature, click HERE

Your clients can pay their Bills online when you share them via Clio Connect.  In order for them to make the payment, you need to have enabled an account with either PayPal or LawPay. 

Go to your Clio "Settings" panel and click "Online Payments" in the Clio Settings column. On the "Online Payment Account" page, click the "Choose Your Payment Account Provided" dropdown and choose either PayPal or LawPay.  


Setting up the connection between LawPay and Clio requires that you obtain your Secret Key from LawPay. Click HERE for full instructions.


For more information about connecting Clio to your LawPay account, click HERE.


When you highlight PayPal it will open a screen where you can click on the link to go to PayPal's website and once you've signed up you can enter in your PayPal email in order to link Clio to your PayPal account:

Now bills shared via Clio Connect will contain a payment link for the client.

For more information on how to use PayPal and Law Pay, please see the FAQ's on their sites:

Law Pay

For more information on working with online payments, please see the following Support articles:

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