Entering Time on Behalf of Other Users

To enter time on behalf of another user, go to the "Activities" tab, then "Time Entries". Click on the "Add" button to open the "Add Time Entry Form" window. 

When adding time, complete the form fields as desired.

  1. Date: Change the date, if applicable;
  2. Matter: Enter in the Matter by starting to type the name or number. Then choose the matter from the drop down menu;
  3. User: Determine the user. Click "me" to enter time for yourself, or choose another user's name if you wish to enter time on their behalf;
  4. Description: Choose the Activity Description or choose the "No Description" at the very top if you do not wish to use one;
  5. Task: If you have chosen a UTBMS Code Activity Description, you can then choose a Task code here.
  6. Duration: Enter in the duration;Date: Change the date, if applicable;
  7. Rate: If you have chosen the Activity Description the associated rate will pop up automatically. If you want to change the rate, enter it here;
  8. Description/Note: Enter in any notes about your activities you wish to show on the bill;

When you have completed all fields as required, click "Save".

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