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Changing the Originating Subscriber (Account Owner)

Per 1(f) of Clio's Terms of Service, the “Originating Subscriber” shall mean the Subscriber who initiated the Services offered by Themis and is assumed by Themis to have the sole authority to administer the subscription.  Unless changed, this is the first user to sign up for the Clio account and there can be only one Originating Subscriber.  If you need to change the Originating Subscriber you can do so as follows:

1. The current account owner will choose the new owner via the drop-down after clicking on the appropriate link:

North American accounts will go to https://app.clio.com/settings/account_owner/edit

European accounts will go to https://app.clio.eu/settings/account_owner/edit

2. Click on "Update Account Owner".

That's it! Now the Originating Subscriber designation is changed.

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