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Mac: "Keep Me Logged In" Function Not Working

We only suggest that you use the "Keep Me Logged In" function if your computer is secure and can not be accessed by another person as your login and password are the gatekeeper to your Clio information.

Sometimes, despite choosing "Keep Me Logged In" when you log into Clio,  you may still be asked for your user name and password. In order to prevent this from happening, your browser settings may need to be changed. 


Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

(Instructions and Images are based on version 32.0.1700.107)
Open Google Chrome

  1. Click on the menu icon 
  2. Select "Settings":


3.  Click on "Show Advanced Settings".


4.  Click on "Offer to save passwords"


Mozilla Firefox

(Instructions and images are based on version 11.0)

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser 
  2. Click on Firefox from the main menu bar 

Click on "Preferences" 


  1. Click on "Security"
  2. Check off box that reads "Remember passwords for site"
  3. Exit menu. 



(Instructions and Images are based on version 5.1.5)

  1. Open Safari browser
  2. Click on Safari.
  3. Choose "Preferences" 


  1. Click on the "Auto Fill" heading
  2. Check off the box next to "User names and Passwords"
  3. Then, exit screen.