Enforcing Strong Passwords

Account Administrators can require all users to have strong passwords, adding an additional level of security to your Clio account. This is a very beneficial feature as the password is the gatekeeper to your Clio account.

Enabling the strong password requirement will affect all users on your account as well as all Clio Connect users.

For details, see the "Choosing a Strong Password" article.

Enabling the Strong Password Requirement

Go to your Clio Settings and click "Security" in the System column, then click on the "Password Security" sub-tab.

Under "Strong Passwords", check the box beside "Require strong passwords", then click the "Update Password Security" button.


All users with weak passwords that are currently logged in to Clio will see a banner notification appear requesting that they update their passwords.

All users with weak passwords will also receive an email notification that the account Administrator has required that all users strengthen their passwords.

When users next try to log in to Clio, they will be prompted to change their password once successfully logging in.

Disabling Strong Passwords

To disable strong passwords at any time, uncheck the box beside "Require strong passwords" on the Password Security screen. 

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