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Changing Passwords and Recovering Forgotten or Expired Login Information


Changing Existing Password
Recovering a Forgotten Password
Resetting an Expired Password

Changing Existing Password

Changing your password is easy and can be managed by clicking on the gear icon in the Clio header. In your Clio Settings, click on the "Security" link in the System column.

Or, for direct access to the update password area, click on the appropriate link: 

In your security settings, you can change your password on the "Update Password" sub-tab. Enter your current password then the new password twice, and click the "Update Password" button. 

Given the importance of protecting sensitive client information from unauthorized access, Clio encourages its users to maintain strong passwords. Strong passwords typically include the following features:

  • Contain a combination of alphanumeric characters in both upper and lower case
  • Are longer than 8 characters (ideally 12 characters or greater - Clio supports passwords as long as 72 characters)
  • Are not based on easily guessed information such as dictionary words, names, dates, or places

For more information about choosing a strong password, click HERE.

Recovering a Forgotten Password

In the event of a lost password, click the "Forgot Password" link at the Clio login page and enter your primary login email address into the reset password field. Following the link in the subsequent email, set your new password, then login as usual using your new password. 

Note that when resetting your password, you are not able to reuse your existing password. So, if you enter the existing password during the reset, you will be prompted to enter a new password. 

Resetting an Expired Password

Account Administrators have the ability to require that all account users reset their passwords at regular intervals. When your password is 14 days away from expiry, you will receive a notice within Clio to reset your password. If you do not reset your password before the expiry date, then the next time you log in to Clio you will be required to reset your password. 

Click the "Reset Password" button and an email will be sent to you with link to reset your password, similar to the process for recovering a forgotten password. 

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