Exporting a Record of Your Calendar From Clio

The download calendar ics will allow you to take a copy of your calendar away. This is not a feed but a one time export.  To get your calendar download:

1.  Go to https://app.clio.com/calendars/feeds

2.  Click on the download option for the calendar you want to download.

3.  Click on the ics file.  You may be provided with a pop up from your computer's calendaring program, like Apple iCal: pop_up.png

If not, save the ics file to your computer in a location you can find it.

4.  If you are using iCal you will choose the work/home calendar and click on OK.  Once you do so, your calendar appointments will be added to iCal.

Here are links to provide instructions on importing your Clio calendar to an external calendaring program:





If your calendaring application is not noted above, do a search in your program for "How do I import my calendar to ___".

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