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Connecting Fastcase to Clio
Using the Clio Timer
Saving Fastcase Documents to Clio

Fastcase-Clio Integration Article

Connecting Fastcase to Clio

Once you have signed up for a Fastcase account and have logged in, click on the "Options" menu then click "Connect to Clio".



On the "Connect with Clio" screen, click the green "Yes, Let's Connect" button.

* If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can connect.


Using the Clio Timer

Once you have connected your Clio account to Fastcase, you'll notice that a Clio timer has been added to the Fastcase header bar.


  1. Select the Matter that you are working on.
  2. Start and stop the timer using the button_.png button.
  3. When the timer is running, you will see the recorded time advancing.
  4. Click the "Go to Clio (Matter)" link to open the appropriate Matter page in a new tab.

When you stop the timer in Fastcase, a new blank time entry will instantly be added to the appropriate Matter in Clio.


Click the "Edit" quick link on the blank time entry to select a description, add a note, or update the rate.

Saving Fastcase Documents to Clio

When viewing a document in Fastcase, you can save that document to Clio by clicking on the "Print/Save" link.


In the "Print Document" screen:

  1. In the "Format" field, select the file type that the document should be saved as. Available file types are .docx, .doc, .pdf, and .rtf
  2. Check the box beside "Save to Clio" then select the Matter that the document applies to and select a category if desired.
  3. Click "Print/Save" to save the document to the selected Matter.save2.png

You will now be able to find the saved document in the "Documents" sub-tab of the appropriate Matter in Clio.


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